Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is the quilt I made for my dear hubby in 1998. The fabric were given to me by his grandmother. As it turns out, they were from dresses she made for my MIL. Anyway, I didn't know that when I made the quilt. I have always been really proud of this quilt and my hubby loves it. He sleeps with it every night, curled up in it like a bug. But after seven years, it started to fall apart. Since then I have learned alot. I was really a novice. So I cut the top up and am going to replace the dark blue (the fabric with the problems). I am saving the card trick blocks and will reuse them. However, I have discovered they are not square, the seams are all wonky, the pressing of the seams was not consistant, and generally I can't figure out how this made it to quilt status. I used black thread for the piecing, and hand quilted it with blue cotton. The problem is with the thread I used to put the blocks together with. Who knows what it was. Anyway, the thread is stronger than the fabric and was tearing the fabric at the seams. Since I didn't really know how to quilt, the quilting designs were much too far apart to keep the quilt together. This is turning into a real challenge. I ironed the blocks to a two inch grid fusible interfacing to help size them right (idea from Dina Pappas, Fast Forward Your Quilting). Except I didn't buy enough !!@ and have three more blocks to do. As for the quilting, I am debating taking it to the local long arm quilter for the stability, or doing it myself, just to continue to say I made that quilt.

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Radar said...

That's my quilt!

I love it just as my dw said.