Saturday, December 10, 2005

My local quilt shop was having a sale today, up to 50% off fabric. I went through the store and picked out bolts with about 1 yard left on them, regardless of color and purchased it. So I have some great additions to my stash. I think I bought about 20 yards of material. :) Shhh, some of it is still in the car.

The ladies at my church have made a quilt for a missionary and we are hand quilting it. My kids had a christmas service practice today so I quilted for an hour. But I can't seem to get used to using the thimble, usually I use the inside of my fingernail and have very few problems. Maybe with practice, I can get the hang of it.

Someone mentioned to me that I've used a lot of blue this year. I was kind of offended until I counted them up. A blue and white cowboy quilt (finished), a blue and white star sampler (in the works), a light blue and dark blue half square triangle quilt (finished), and remaking my dh blue quilt (at the quilter). So I didn't buy any blue today, tring to find other colors I like and will use.

I went to a mystery quilt class this last week. We made a star block. My background is yellow, the star is orangish/reddish, and the points green. The border will be a print that looks like christmas lights on the tree. I will post a picture when I get some finished.

I did finish a top today, a turning twenty that I added a border to. And I am working on a BOM block (blue and white!) for the star sampler. And I am working on a 1000 Pyramids, by hand, doing it when I sit with hubby or kids while they watch tv. That has been fun to cut for.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This quilt was made by a male friend of my husbands. It was made in about 1950 and is machine quilted in a one inch grid. It is really ugly, but it is fun to have anyway.