Saturday, December 10, 2005

My local quilt shop was having a sale today, up to 50% off fabric. I went through the store and picked out bolts with about 1 yard left on them, regardless of color and purchased it. So I have some great additions to my stash. I think I bought about 20 yards of material. :) Shhh, some of it is still in the car.

The ladies at my church have made a quilt for a missionary and we are hand quilting it. My kids had a christmas service practice today so I quilted for an hour. But I can't seem to get used to using the thimble, usually I use the inside of my fingernail and have very few problems. Maybe with practice, I can get the hang of it.

Someone mentioned to me that I've used a lot of blue this year. I was kind of offended until I counted them up. A blue and white cowboy quilt (finished), a blue and white star sampler (in the works), a light blue and dark blue half square triangle quilt (finished), and remaking my dh blue quilt (at the quilter). So I didn't buy any blue today, tring to find other colors I like and will use.

I went to a mystery quilt class this last week. We made a star block. My background is yellow, the star is orangish/reddish, and the points green. The border will be a print that looks like christmas lights on the tree. I will post a picture when I get some finished.

I did finish a top today, a turning twenty that I added a border to. And I am working on a BOM block (blue and white!) for the star sampler. And I am working on a 1000 Pyramids, by hand, doing it when I sit with hubby or kids while they watch tv. That has been fun to cut for.

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Finn said...

Hi Rebecca, what a good find on fabric ! Great way to build up your stash..*S*

I think that is great that you are helping hand quilt at the church. It's a great way to learn. I have a terrible time with a thimble also, but found I can use one if it's a flexible leather one. Where you are pushing with you fingernail works well too, as long as the needle eye doesn't go through your nail..that hurts!!

It's good to expand your color range, but I see nothing wrong in working with blue if that's what turns you one, makes you happy, and appeals to you. Most of us go in cycles..liking one thing one year and something else the next. Don't be too hard on yourself about blue..could be worse...*VBS*
I really do like what I have seen of your work, keep on trucking..*S*