Friday, January 27, 2006

I hand pieced this star just for something different. It is part of a Robert Callahan pattern.

Today I have been ironing and refolding fabric to get it more organized. I had to take a break from cutting because I dropped the rotary cutter on top of my foot and gashed it. No stitches but it is achy.

It is -20 F tonight and snowing. It has warmed up though, yesterday morning it was -44. We are all going stir crazy staying inside. Both my kids are sick, ear infection and a sore throat virus.

I picked up three quilts from the large arm quilter today. Two turning twenty's and a Debbie Caffrey mystery. I will bind them and then show a photo.

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Finn said...

I like the star you pieced for something new to has a fractured look..I really LIKE that. Great job..*VBS* Sorry to hear the kids are sick, I remember those days all too well. Especially ear aches.

Hurray for finding those FQ in your scraps..maybe they came from part of a trade. That's when I ususally don't remember having a certain fabric..LOL. Keep up the great work!