Thursday, March 30, 2006


I got this email from my brother today "i need to put in an order for some more placemats. The girl that I had here from ..... was so taken by the other ones you made I gave them to her for a gift to remember her trip by. She could not for the life of her figure out how you made them. She was very impressed by your skills. "

Ok, so I'm glad she liked them. But they were a gift to him that was hard to make. I made six of the above placemats, using "The Cotton Theory" and they took me about a week to finish. I am insulted that he would give them away to someone he barely knew, and he has only had them about six months!

I was venting to DH and he said, "Remember, when you give something away, you have to let it go." I know, I know, but sheesh.


Here is another quilt from Carol's Closet. The quilt was made in 1937 (dated on the binding) by her grandma. Beautiful embroidery on the bear blocks and very small quilting stitches. The fabric is not cotton, maybe linen, slick but very sturdy. I see in the photo a dark spot over the lower left side, but this is not noticeable when looking at the quilt, other than that the quilt is in excellent condition. Stay tuned for more quilts from Carol's Closet....


I just got the brochure for our local quilt festival in Valdez, Alaska in September. I am so stoked! The designers that will be there are Billie Lauder (, Judy Niemeyer (, Amy Bradley (, Marci Baker (, Pam Ventgen (local from Anchorage), and Carol Wight Jones(also from Anchorage). WOW! I can't wait to go. I attended last year with John Flynn, Sandy Bonsib, and other local artists and teachers. It was a great time, and well organized.


The Calico Cat said...

A. If you have a chance to take a class with Billie - DO IT! I can barely think of any other teacher that I would recommend higher!

B. on that embroidery quilt, did she cross hatch through the embroideries or just up to them? (I want to do one & knowing that is part of my hang-up.)

C. Placemats - isn't that technically a re-gift? Sure it is nice that she was impressed (& I'm sure there is something nice to be said about his ability to give them to her, but...)

Linda_J said...

First, he is a man and might not have quite appreciated what work went into making the placemats. I probably felt like he paid you the ultimate compliment by telling you his friend enjoyed them so much. He probably enjoyed them as well or would not have asked for a 2nd set but here was a perfect "gift" for the friend when good old sis can make more as she is always sewing something.

I love Carol's embroideried quilt. Like Amy, I wonder about the quilting since I have one of my own (calendar cats) to quilt.

Nancy said...

Yes, your husband is correct. You gave them as a gift so your brother was free to regift them if he chose. BUT that doesn't obligate you to spend another week or YOUR life making him another set.

Billie is doing a workshop for my local guild in a few months. I missed the March meeting so I'm hoping that it hasn't filled up yet.

Laurie Ann said...

I would be totally annoyed also. You worked very hard on them for HIM and not for someone you or he barely know. I guess it may be a little less annoying except for the fact that now he wants you to make MORE!

Laurie said...

I would be angry about the placemats as well. That's tacky...

Great quilts!

cher said...

what a wonderful set of teachers you will have a chance to learn from! love the sweet quilt you posted the photo of.
I share your annoyance with your brother giving away his placemats.

Pam said...

Brothers! I have 3, grrr grrrr and triple grrrr. Yes, it would have been a compliment in my book, but I surely wouldn't be in too big a hurry to make him another set. Did you tell him how you felt? Sometimes guys just don't get it.

Linda_J said...

Rebecca, I got to tell you. I moderate/co-own a redwork list and shared the link with my little group to Carol's quilt with the wonderful embroidered bears. Of course, everyone loved it and started off on a bear pattern hunt. Actually we had some in our list files of bears in sporty motifs but most of them are knocking them out looking for the bear on the scooter, LOL. I told them that the patterns dated back to the 1930's. Thought Carol might get a kick about our coveting her quilt.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

About those placemats - I agree - Grrrr! If I were you, I would make him some super SIMPLE placemats as a replacement!!! No more Cotton Theory placemats for this guy!

Have fun with your courses. Some day I would love to take some courses. Some day...

The bears are just toooooo cute!