Saturday, March 11, 2006

I have been wanting to work with green for a couple of months. I discovered this easy Hidden Wells pattern and thought here is my chance. It is made with strips sewn together cut into squares and cut on the diagonals. Then sewn back together to make these new squares. This long table runner was completely pieced in one day, but I haven't felt like quilting, so it is not finished.

My cutie pie with his "Just Trucks" quilt, completed today. I made him a pillow case from this truck fabric and he wanted a blanket. His old blankie is dying, it will not last another washing. So I picked out a cute pattern, bought all the matching fabric in red, green, yellow, teal, orange, etc. I showed him the pattern and he said, "No, just trucks!" "What!!!!???" "Just trucks." So, here is "Just Trucks". The binding is black with little white eyes, and the backing is white with black swirlys flannel. It is quilted in straight lines along the roads. You can tell that he is just thrilled!


dot said...

What a happy,lucky young man. I like your green table runner. Good for the month of March.

Sandra said...

Love the green tablerunner - a lovely combination for that pattern. Your little boy's truck quilt is great too - what a wonderful smile :-)

Laurie said...

Love the table runner...but your little guy with his "just trucks" quilt is priceless!!! Love that GRIN!!!

Jeanne said...

The watery greens are lovely!
Looks like your little guy is a happy camper :)

Melzie said...

just lurking by, and noticed your son's table/chairs in the background. I had that same set and the chairs were recalled at some point last year due to collapsing and smashing even severing kids' fingers. :( Just so you know. Love the green runner thats my favorite colors :) xoxo Melody

Linda_J said...

What a cutie with his made to order quilt! Good job on that table runner too, Rebecca! Perfect for St. Pat's if you are into that.

cher said...

he could not look more pleased with his new "blanket"...what joy to be able to give doing something so simple! fun table runner too!

Laurie Ann said...

Your son obviously loves "just trucks" What a cutie! Sometimes simple is the best! :)

Finn said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping over at my place. I had to pop over and see what you were up to..*S* I love your Hidden Wells, and it's a great color combination.

Really cute little guy and quilt too! The Just Trucks made me laugh...LOL.

I have bookmarked your blog and will be back...I think I have been here before, as I seem to remeber your stained glass kit quilt..a really beautiful one!!!!

Bonnie said...

I love the pyramid stars quilt at the top of your post! What a great way to use those leftovers.....and the other quilts are great too :c)


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh my goodness - you can tell that he is really thrilled with "just trucks"! Sounds like a Little Boy in my own house!

The table runner is really nice. I like those patterns where you sew, slice and then re-sew and a new design emerges. So much fun!