Friday, April 28, 2006

My mom taught me to sew in junior high and high school, sewing clothes. I don't ever remember seeing a quilt then, I know there weren't any in our house.
I bought a sewing machine with money from our wedding in June, and soon after I decided to make DH a quilt for Christmas. No pattern, no idea what to do. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought some fabric, and started cutting it into squares with scissors. I thought 48 blocks no problem, a few a week and I'll have this done in no time. I then forgot about it. Until Thanksgiving. Arrrgh! The quilt! Sew, sew, sew, sew, sew, sew......I finished this quilt on Christmas Eve 1994. However, I tied it, I didn't know better, in FOUR places. The quilt was at least queen size. I used prequilted fabric for the backing, and did a sew and turn edge. My DH loved it. He used it everynight for six years and then it fell apart. Not knowing any better, I threw it away and started making him a new one. This is the only photo I have of it. DH and DD sleeping soundly, wrapped in love. awwwww...

Quilt #2. I had attended one guild meeting and they were doing a stack and whack presentation, in 1997. I bought some pillow panels and cut them up, and used a cheerios box to make templates to make the squares "square" (now looking at them, they are not so square!). When I was done with the blocks, eight of them, they didn't make a good quilt size, so I just added some fabric on the edges of the blocks and then sashed it. I did fussy cut those corner stones though. I did quilt this one, with the backing of a dark blue bed sheet. I quilted around the blocks and a great big circle in the blocks. Not very much quilting, but more than the last quilt :). And then from hasn't stopped.

This is the most recent finish. I finished the quilting this morning and threw it in the wash to shrink the batting (I love that look). The back is grey and the binding is a dark blue plaid. BUT, one of the strips ran so I had to rewash and most of it came out. Since this is going to hang on the wall or something, it is no big deal. The material that ran is in the lower right hand corner by the star, a blue and pink, hand dye (?) I don't know where I got it or why I have only that one strip of it. But if I run across any more I won't use it again.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here is another quilt from Carol's Closet. This is another one from the 30's and is muslin with a mint green border. It is not quilted and there is no batting, but does have a back on it that is attached with a top stitch around the edge. This design is all made of french knots and embroidery. The rabbit itself is about 10 inches square and this is a summer baby quilt. My mom says she remembers her grandma having a quilt made with knots like this. Has anyone else seen one?

Do you ever feel like doing a mini block? Do one, and the feeling will go away!!! :)

The little block in the center is one inch square, but I had to put a border on it so it wouldn't blow away if I sneezed. :) I think I will make a refrigerater magnet out of it.

I printed a paper pieced foundation for the block from EQ5.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hmmmm...six weird things:

1. I like to drive thru big mud puddles and make the water splash everywhere.

2. I like drinks to be room temperature.

3. I make my bed before I get in it at night.

4. 90% of the pictures in my digital camera are of quilts.

5. I don't like anything to touch my face.

6. I like Cheerios with orange juice instead of milk.


The book with the Dizzy Geese pattern is Quick Quilts From Your Scrap Bag
by Leisure Arts, quilt by Joan Streck.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It is spring in Alaska. This is the mountain closest to my house, Mt. Drum. I am amazed every day by how it looks, the clouds around it, the colors, the snow. It makes me aware of God and his awesome power to create something like this. Along with this is a photo of a wallhanging completed this weekend held by my DD, Aerin. It is left over blocks from my blue and white star sampler. It was inspired by the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds and snow. Definently appropriate to put these photos together in a post.

I have been busy binding this weekend too. I have bound three projects and have two more ready to bind. I feel like making a new block though. It is 17" and I am having a heck of a time drafting it in EQ5 just for the fun (?) of it. It is a spikey star surrounded by flying geese to form a circle. I would like to make it in a light grey background with blue and brown flying geese with a blue star.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OH DARN! I bought this cute little Singer 99K from ebay and it is a darling machine. But shipping destroyed the case! I am going to get a replacement case, thanks to the insurance claim from the PO. I went online and bought a manual so now I know how to thread and oil this little beauty.

I can't wait to see how she stitches...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another quilt from Carol's Closet...

This is another quilt from the 30's -40's era. I don't think it has been washed much, the pencil marked quilting lines are still on the top. There is no middle to the plates, just the wreaths appliqued on with a running stitch around the edge of them. This quilt is four blocks wide and six long and is in great condition.

I have two quilt horror stories to share with you all today.

A lady from an online group took her quilt to be machine quilted. This was the first time she had a quilt machine quilted and had not dealt with this retailer before. She provided the batting and backing. When she went to pick up the quilt, she noticed they had charged her for batting, and she brought this to their attention. Their response was that they didn't like the batting she had brought and THREW IT AWAY. Then they added the batting of their choice and quilted it. They never called her to notify her and did not tell her when she brought it in that they didn't like that brand. I can't remember the brand but it was not cheapy stuff. They did not refund her money or give her a credit or anything. I told her to tell everyone what had happened and to make sure she NEVER sent any business their way. Can you believe some people?

My friend Mary hangs quilts in our church to dampen the sound. She makes absolutely lovely quilts, mostly batiks, and very striking. There are usually 6 to 8 quilts in the church at any one time. Today we were taking hers down so that I could display mine for a few months. Our styles are very different so they would clash bad if they were up at the same time. Anyway, about a month ago there was a wedding at the church and they took down the quilts and rehung them after the ceremony. The quilts are hung with pushpins into the walls and there are plenty of pins in the secretary's office which is not locked. When we went to take down two of the quilts, they were hung back on the walls with 16 penny NAILS. Like pounded in with a hammer. The other quilts had pins so why NAILS in these? There were 1/4 inch HOLES in the quilts when we got the NAILS out with a pair of pliers. She was very upset to say the least. I told her the LQS has some stuff like super fray check that is pliable and may work to make the holes less noticeable if she can work a little with the threads and a toothpick. Can you believe some people?

Friday, April 07, 2006

This is my beautiful girl child and her project for today. Awhile back she picked out these fabrics for a project. Today she said, I want to make a pillow and this is what I want it to look like. So I helped figure out the size and helped cut the strips. She did all the sewing. The patches are stitched on the top, raggy edge style, and clipped, which she did. I am very proud of her creativity.

This is "Water Lillies" from "Fast Forward Your Quilting" by Dina Pappas.

You fuse the material to fusible interfacing and the sew the pieces together. This top went together really fast but the interfacing makes it bulky and stiff to work with. The book says that this will not affect the quilting tho. We will have to see about that. This top was mostly done before I broke my toe. I added the borders yesterday, driving with my left foot.

I enjoy this book as I know Dina. She has a shop--Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilt Shop in Eagle River, Alaska.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here it is, my broken toe, four days after I broke it. I was just happily jumping on some rocks to cross a cold creek with my kids when it felt like I stubbed my toe. It started to swell and bruise and four hours later, I had to go to the ER, it hurt so bad. Wanna see the xray?

Notice the toe next to the big toe. There is a v shaped line down by the knuckle. Yep, broken toe. Big ugly hard shoe, toes taped. Whee.

I was on my back with my foot elevated above my heart for 3 days and should be off it as much as possible for the next three weeks.