Friday, April 07, 2006

This is "Water Lillies" from "Fast Forward Your Quilting" by Dina Pappas.

You fuse the material to fusible interfacing and the sew the pieces together. This top went together really fast but the interfacing makes it bulky and stiff to work with. The book says that this will not affect the quilting tho. We will have to see about that. This top was mostly done before I broke my toe. I added the borders yesterday, driving with my left foot.

I enjoy this book as I know Dina. She has a shop--Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilt Shop in Eagle River, Alaska.


Laurie Ann said...

What is the reasoning behind using the interfacing??

ForestJane said...

That's exactly what I was going to ask, Laurie.

Do you perhaps use a pencil to draw stitching lines on the fusable, so it's like paper piecing where you don't have to remove the paper?

rebecca0669 said...

you fuse the squares to the printed gridded interfacing in order to make fewer seams. Once everything is fused on to the interfacing, you sew all the seams up and down, clip the intersections, and then sew back and forth. It is supposed to work to lessen the number of seams in a project. Instead of making individual blocks and then putting them together, they are all sewn at the same time, into a finished top.

Linda_J said...

I would rather just foundation piece it regularly than use interfacing! I made a couple of trips around the world in that stuff and it was horrid to sew through, kept breaking needles and my tension was all messed up. Never again!

Your top looks great though--don't mind me, LOL

Pam said...

beautiful top, interesting construction method Hope the toe is better by the day