Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have been busy sewing this week. However, I am sewing valances, so not much on the quilting front. I am making two valances 210 inches long, two 120 inches long, and one 90 inches long. After this dark green set, then I am making another set with the light green. This is a commissioned project, so I am plugging away at it.

Here is some gorgeous black fabric that I bought at the lqs yesterday. Much better than a solid, so much more interesting, imho. No, I don't have a use in mind yet.

And this is Horsetail Falls, just north of Valdez on the highway. We went to Valdez for dinner Wednesday night (120 miles one way, there is a shortage of good restaurants around here).


Linda_J said...

I did some dec sewing when we first moved here--now starting our 10th year--before I was so heavy into quilting for the kids. The fabrics are gorgeous--they must have some huge windows!

Shelina said...

Sewing is sewing and it definitely counts. When I moved here, the person who lived here had made her own curtains. That gave me the confidence that I could make them myself. So slowly but surely I replaced them room by room. I got stuck with the kitchen and my bedroom, and they are sitting in some UFO stack somewhere.