Saturday, December 16, 2006


Quilt One, Quilt Two, Quilt Three. Done, Done, Done. And on time too! Woo-hoooooo!

I decided to make these sort of raggy quilts, because, well, just because. But not every seam is ragged. I made four patches and then ragged around them. Also, the edges are raggy. They are gifts for three sisters so I wanted them to be similar but not the same.

The quilts are about 50x70 inches, backed with brown flannel. They are made from the wool shirts that belonged to the husband of the lady who commissioned the quilts. He passed away in 2004 in a terrible car accident, and she was injured very badly.

After Christmas I will make one more quilt from this wool, for Carol, who commissioned the quilt and then some wallhangings for her grandsons. But those were not supposed to be for Christmas, anyway.

I am soooo proud of myself. You see, I leave for Tucson on Tuesday to spend Christmas with family. So I really didn't even have until the 25th. I ROCK!

Oh, and my ds, 5, made this lego sewing machine for me. Cute!


Hedgehog said...

Love the lego sewing machine!!

Well done with the commissioned quilts, too.

Bonnie said...

Your wool quilts look terrific and I'm sure the recipients will be happy with the tangible memory.

How sweet of your 5 year-old to make a special sewing machine for you!

kjquilts said...

Congrats on finishing your quilts! I'll bet you used that little sewing machine to sew the last few seams! LOL Very cute! Maybe he will grow up to be an engineer!

Susan said...

The quilts came out great! I know they will love them.

The sewing machine will be a good backup. =)

quiltpixie said...

wonderfully similar but distinct quilts! I'm sure they'll bring lots of comfofrt :-)

The lego sewing machine i great --does it measure an exact 1/4 inch? hehehe

Mary said...

I'm sure they'll love the quilts. I just put a ton of homespuns on my shelf and decided I need to get to work on making at least 1 rag quilt if not more. I don't know how I ended up with all those homespuns - I've made several quilts from them but I didn't realize I had collected so many.

Shelina said...

I am slow reading blogs. All three of these plaid quilts are great - wonderful way to make them unique and individually special. Hope you had a good holiday season and have a great new year!