Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's done, done, done. The 16 patch is all finished! I am giving it to my mom this weekend.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here are some photos of the quilting I have been doing. I finished the quilting today and will work on the binding tonight or tomorrow. I am using the same fabric as the setting triangles.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quilting Quandry

I am slowly quilting this quilt. I removed the leaves though, I thought they looked horrible. I am quilting a continuous rope design by Keryn Emmerson in the brown strips, a leaf design in the 16 patches, a different leaf design in the triangles, and a celtic ropey design in the borders. I am having some tension problems, I am using Bottom line in the bobbin and Gutermann polyester on top. The Bottom line just seems so tight. My upper tension is high and it doesn't seem to make a difference, the top thread is making pokies on the bottom. I am quilting this on my Janome 6500.

I have run into a problem. And I think I have found the reason for the quilting slump I am in. I am not inspired right now because I am not learning anything. Not to toot my own horn but I know how to machine piece and hand piece. I can machine quilt and hand quilt. I can design a pattern of my own, and I can look at another pattern and figure out how it was made. I have done landscape quilts, scrappy quilts, wonky quilts, and matchy quilts. I have made string quilts, block quilts, triangle quilts, crazy quilts, and sampler quilts. I have made placemats, wallhangings, tablerunners, baby quilts, lap quilts and bed quilts. I have made purses, bags, doll clothes, and miniature quilts. Every member of my family has at least one quilt. I even made my dad a quilted jumper cable holder!

So, my problem is, what is left? I live in a small town and there are other quilters here but no one is doing anything extraordinary that I haven't done. There is one small quilt shop that just opened that is having a nine patch class. The magazines I see do not seem to have anything new, just repeats of old patterns. I have lots of books, but nothing jumps out at me. So, I guess I'm bored. I don't think a new project will cure this.

I recently made a Bible cover, without a pattern. I made a little village wallhanging, (new design technique) but now I have tried that. I don't have that many WIP's so I can't really get out an old project and be inspired all over again. How do I fix this?

I wish I knew a very experienced quilter so I could get some machine quilting pointers. I know how, so books don't help anymore. I need to know things like, how do you make a freehand design repeatably symmetrical? How do I fix this quilt that has really wavy edges with no logical explanation? How do you not make little jogs in the machine quilting when quilting on a small (not long arm) machine?

I don't want to be a show quilter, I have this thing about being afraid to fail. I just want to be a great quilter for myself. But I don't know how to get better from here.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was inspired today to finish my Bible cover that I started last week. I just wanted to do something simple. I cut some small triangles for the flower petals, some circles for the flower middles, and then appliqued them on with clear thread. Then I meandered the rest of the cover. I just had to make something to get back to sewing.

I also started a new project. From the book Happy Villages by Karen Eckmeier ( comes the inspiration for this little project. This little hamlet was all cut out and glued down in about 2 hours.

The above photo is after the tulle is quilted down. The quilting took about an hour. It is about 22 inches square and I haven't put on the binding yet. This bright little village was so much fun, I started another one. Aren't the trees great? My DD, 8, cut them out for me. This project hasn't been quilted yet.