Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shopping and Projects

Have you ever heard of Sweet Treats? The Pincushion Boutique has this great fabric club program. I have been so pleased with all the fabric they have sent. It is such a great present to get in the mail, a surprise wrapped so beautifully.

I was looking for something to do yesterday and took a bunch of fq's out of my scrap box (ones I didn't particularly like) and cut them up into strips. I counted 14 yards of fabric I stripped. Wow! And it seemed like such a little pile to begin with! I cut strips 3 1/2", 3", 2 1/2", 2" and smaller bits. I sure added to my strip bins.

And I finished a UFO quilt top. I started this one in January. I got six rows finished and all the other strip pieces made but then stopped. Each block is 6 inches so the quilt is 48x60. I don't think I will border it. I really like the darker blue swirly fabric. I am trying to decide how to quilt it. I have the back pieced and the batting cut out. I always prefer cotton, I like the puckers after washing.

This pattern called Joseph's Coat in the book I got the templates from is my newest hand piecing project. The circles are 11" across. I have three done and the pattern calls for 49! Number four is half done. I plan for this quilt to be my daughter's wedding quilt. But I have time to make it as she is only 8! But I know that when you put things off, then all of a sudden the time is now, and it is too late.

Here is another top that I had done but not finished. I had to replace one of the squares in the middle as I found out that the dye ran. (How did I find that out? ) I kept putting it off, and it took what ? five minutes ? Anyway, I got it quilted, but haven't put the binding on yet. I do have the binding cut and pressed!

I found these cute bag handles at JoAnn's for 97 cents. So of course, I had to find a pattern to go with them. I didn't buy more fabric though! Well, for this project.

I bought these pencils to try. Does anyone have an opinion?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wow! Have you seen this book? This little book is LOADED with quilting info! I have found my inspiration!!!!!

"A MUST HAVE for every machine quilter. At last, a detailed road map to skilled machine quilting, written by one of the top quilters in the field. Distinguished quilter Diane Gaudynski serves up a practical new approach to quilting by machine. Based on her popular machine quilting series in American Quilter magazine, this book gives readers the ins and outs of creating a design that instantly improves accuracy and fluidity of line.This international prize-winning quilter, author, lecturer, and teacher debunks six common myths about machine quilting. Holding nothing back, Diane includes techniques for several charming unmarked free-hand, free-motion designs, such as headbands, bananas, Dianeshiko, spirals, leaves, fronds, and clamshells. Quilters will especially enjoy the authors detailed description of echo quilting and echo-quilted feathers. Diane states her goal is to add to the quilters knowledge of machine-quilting skills and solve some common problems. She says, Dispelling some myths, learning some simple aids and techniques, and tackling the job in an organized and informed way will allow you to master this most basic of machine tasks."- www.

Check out her website

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Even in my uninspired state, I have been sewing.

I am making a gift for my mom, so I can't show you all this project, but here is a little taste. I am using white thread on the front and green on the back, hence some little green spots on the front. I am playing with the tension, and I think I have it about right. Also, I used a blue pen for marking and I guess I will really have to soak this quilt because I can still see some color.

And I made this little bunny for DD, 8. Boy, that fuzz got everywhere! We have been spitting it out for hours! I think next time I use this stuff, I will wear a medical mask or something! You can buy the pattern here

And here are a few goodies from the thrift store.

I know that inspiration is in there somewhere, and I vow to find it!