Thursday, June 14, 2007

Even in my uninspired state, I have been sewing.

I am making a gift for my mom, so I can't show you all this project, but here is a little taste. I am using white thread on the front and green on the back, hence some little green spots on the front. I am playing with the tension, and I think I have it about right. Also, I used a blue pen for marking and I guess I will really have to soak this quilt because I can still see some color.

And I made this little bunny for DD, 8. Boy, that fuzz got everywhere! We have been spitting it out for hours! I think next time I use this stuff, I will wear a medical mask or something! You can buy the pattern here

And here are a few goodies from the thrift store.

I know that inspiration is in there somewhere, and I vow to find it!


Susan said...

Darling little bunny! What is the fabric?

Just curious why you used green thread on the back? I always match the threads, so there aren't any pokies. It doesn't match the back, but I don't care. I use busy backs, too.

Shelina said...

Those are great books for thrift store finds. I could work on Judy Martin's book and never have to look at another quilt pattern again. (No, I'm not going to do that.)
I really like the quilting design you have on the border. I'm going to have to incorporate that into one of my quilts.