Monday, June 18, 2007

Wow! Have you seen this book? This little book is LOADED with quilting info! I have found my inspiration!!!!!

"A MUST HAVE for every machine quilter. At last, a detailed road map to skilled machine quilting, written by one of the top quilters in the field. Distinguished quilter Diane Gaudynski serves up a practical new approach to quilting by machine. Based on her popular machine quilting series in American Quilter magazine, this book gives readers the ins and outs of creating a design that instantly improves accuracy and fluidity of line.This international prize-winning quilter, author, lecturer, and teacher debunks six common myths about machine quilting. Holding nothing back, Diane includes techniques for several charming unmarked free-hand, free-motion designs, such as headbands, bananas, Dianeshiko, spirals, leaves, fronds, and clamshells. Quilters will especially enjoy the authors detailed description of echo quilting and echo-quilted feathers. Diane states her goal is to add to the quilters knowledge of machine-quilting skills and solve some common problems. She says, Dispelling some myths, learning some simple aids and techniques, and tackling the job in an organized and informed way will allow you to master this most basic of machine tasks."- www.

Check out her website


Mary said...

Yep, I blogged about it in February - her other book on machine quilting is great too.

Susan said...

She's very creative and does beautiful work, but I don't care for trapunto on my own quilts.

Shelina said...

I've seen her work, and it is incredible - sometimes it is even hard to believe that someone can even make something like that. I'll definitely have to look up the book.