Friday, July 20, 2007

Have you ever wondered what a Giant Dahlia really looks like? I found this one at the zoo, and it is as big as a dinner plate! No wonder this got made in to a quilt pattern. It was really beautiful.

And in the gift shop I saw these little felt creatures. They were very well made and embellished with beads and sequins. I should have bought one.

I don't think I have ever shown a photo of this wallhanging before. This was one of my very first projects. I found a block, called weathervane, and made it an 18 inch block. When I went to the quilt store I found that beautiful blue fabric, a mosaic blue background with very colorful butterflies. I matched some fabric to it, and when I took it to the counter, the sales lady told me the dark green would never work. I love this little wallhanging, and I think the green is perfect. I was starting out free motion quilting and I quilted this with smokey nylon thread. That was back when it was like fishing line. I compared it to sewing with a horse tail hair.

We are packing up our house, and moving by the end of August to another small Alaska town, Nenana. We are so excited. My husband will be the pastor of a small church. This is all my quilting stuff packed up, except for the milk cartons in the front. Those are hubby's books. But I may have to go dig some out because I am having fabric cutting withdrawal!!!

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