Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am having problems with this thread. It says Top Quality Sulky Metallic, Metallic Foil/polyester core. I think my mom bought it at JoAnn's.

I love to use sparkly metallic threads and usually have no problems with them. I mostly use an 80/12 topstitch needle and loosen the top tension. I have a few needles for metallic threads but this problem has not been solved by using them. If you look at the close up photo of just the thread you can see that the metallic part is wrapped around the poly core. When I quilt with this thread the metallic stretches and the poly core is visible (it is white). The thread does not shread or break. I have tried slowing down, speeding up, smaller stitches, and bigger stitches. I am using Gutterman poly in the bobbin, which I love, and have had no problems with at any other time. I took this thread out and put in Sulky Holoshimmer.
This is a flat thread like a little streamer. I know many people have problems with it, but it worked beautifully so I finished the shiny part of my project with it. So, it is not that I don't have an alternative, but I just want to know how to use the Sulky Metallic.


paula, the quilter said...

I've read that if you are having problems with a metallic thread (and this one seems to be stretching) that you should use a larger needle. A mettalica needle is better because the shaft has a groove that the thread can ride in and doesn't get as much wear and tear. Hope you find a solution.

Susan said...

I really don't know, but is there a contact on their website that might help?