Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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This is a photo of the house the Lord has provided for us in Nenana, Alaska. We will be moving very soon, and we are so excited. We just can't wait to meet new friends and start new activities in our new town.

I rented a uhaul yesterday. Actually, I made the reservation because the place here has no trucks. So with a reservation, they will bring the truck here, and then when I need it, it will be here. I used the date as the 16th but that is changeable.

No quilting going on, I fondle the fabric, and read the magazines. I will have to wait until after the move to get out my machine. I should work on the wheels for the Joseph's Coat pattern. I am hand piecing that one.


Mama Koch said...

Congrats on the upcoming move. I understand the no-quilting time in your life. Maybe things will settle down soon.

Gail said...

It looks charming, and it appears that you will have lots of elbow room between neighbors. Moving is stressful, but I trust that yours will go smoothly and that your new congregation will make you feel at home immediately.

Susan said...

How far away is this? What I know about Alaska fills . . . nothing, really. I know where Ninilchik is, and the main cities. I love the house - interesting construction. I hope it won't be too cold with the space underneath. Is your husband a minister?

Mary said...

So, did you get moved in??