Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I would like to make a crazy quilt. Is there a place to buy all the embellishments without having to buy ten yards of ribbon?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


Mary said...

I can't help the ribbon because I looked for it at Michael's a week ago. They used to have a section with supplies for Ribbon embroidery but they no longer seem to carry it.

I did buy some assorted trims at Joann's yesterday - they had a huge isle and rolls of the stuff in all colors and styles. I bought a yard each of about 10 that appealed to me. Yarns can be used also.

I'm just getting into crazy quilting some (a doll quilt!) but went overboard on the books - I bought 6 in the last two weeks - one on crazy quilting and the others on embroidery stitches. I'm going to have to do more projects to make it all worthwhile.

I recently found this blog too - she does beautiful work:

Shelina said...

Alle is wonderful. I don't know if there is a place to buy that - maybe try ebay, but I think that is a good market to get into. You could also join a crazy quilting group and do swaps.
Generally I just buy things when they are on clearance, and try to use it in many different ways.

Susan said...

Yes, of course! There are several online shops that sell embellishment bags, or you can buy your own "ingredients" from my favorite shop, Evening Star Designs.

She sells Jacquard ribbon samplers in as little as 1/3 yd. lengths and laces the same way. Bear in mind that the originals were mostly stitching, and not ribbons, laces, beads, etc., so you don't have to buy any of those!

Good luck on your project!