Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been making quite a few things the last two weeks.

I saw this pattern "Gracie Handbag" on Kaye Wood television and just had to stitch it up right away. It is very easy. You can watch the video about how to make it here. Once at the website choose category "purses totes and bags" and then the video Gracie Handbag. Notice the rickrack embellishment. I glued it on with Liquid Stitch. I also found large magnetic snap closures on clearance, woohoo!, and added one of those under flap under the glued on button. I really think it turned out great!

My daughter and I went to the library one day and the librarian told us she had a whole bunch of beading stuff if we would like to make something. The library has everything, beads, wires, clasps, crimpers, beads, beads, beads. So without knowing exactly what I was doing, I made these dangley earrings. They are really pretty. So I found a magazine about beading, and made some other little things too. I will definitely go back and make something else another day.

I found some charms packs of April Cornell's "A Little Romance" fabric line and decided to make a simple squares quilt with a border of one of the prints, a pink with butterflies. What a girlie project. The colors are wonderful. However, as I was sewing the four patches together, I sewed my finger! I saw some lint and thought "I ought to brush that away", so I stuck my finger in there and the needle went right into it. Thru the nail, at which point I jerked it out, tearing the nail. At least the needle didn't go right thru my whole finger!

A very generous lady donated 30 hand pieced 11 inch Sawtooth Star blocks to our local guild. We all took a few to hand quilt, then we will put them all together and give the quilt to someone. We have the freedom to quilt any design, with any color thread, at long as it doesn't go all the way to the edge of the block. I have four blocks with one finished and one half done.

My dd had a friend spend the night and they made fleece scarves for a craft project. They are both very pleased with their creations.

I made some bread at the end of the week. My mom used to be a huge bread maker (now that the kids are gone, she doesn't make it much anymore) so I learned how from her. I took this close up picture to show her the inside of the loaf. She looks at how small the holes are, how thick the crust is, if there are swirly marks, etc. She declared my bread "perfect"! I don't make bread very much, it is just easier to buy, but homemade bread sure does taste and smell better!

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Anonymous said...

Love the purse. Did you notice your purse and quilt fabrics are similiar in color and intensity (however the purse fabric is a little brighter)? Lots of pink, and did you notice the flower in the Jan 9th post is pink? Are you a pink kind of person or is this just the color of choice at the momement? Canadian Gail