Monday, January 07, 2008

I haven't been really busy sewing lately but I have done a few things. I made a set of dish towels for a friend. They are 100% cotton, in pretty colors, about 28x28. I just made a circle flower and added a star middle. These flowers are only about 8 inches tall, the towels are folded into sixths.

I am making these 9 1/2 inch blocks too. Some of the hst's are scrappy left over from the the scrappy tracks quilt I just finished. But I don't think I will set them like this. I think I will have them all going the same direction. I have four more blocks to make up, so the quilt will be four blocks across and five blocks long, let's see, that would be 36x45. Hmmm, maybe I should make some more blocks.

I finally put on the last piece of the border on this top today. It is about 50x70 or so. All the little squares are from a line called "In the Garden" I think and so is the border.

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