Sunday, February 10, 2008

I got to go quilting yesterday from 10-4. I was quilting while all the other crafters were scrap booking. I worked on the coffee quilt and a 30's flower appliqué and squares. I just have the binding left to do on the coffee quilt. We decided to get together again in March. Today, another friend said she would like to get together and craft. She beads the most beautiful earrings with porcupine quills. So I quilt now on Tuesday mornings with my friend Ruth at her house, and there is a meeting of quilty things every other Tuesday night at my landlord's house. I would love to do some more organized quilting. I end up on the computer at home instead of quilting!

I am also taking Flower Power on Quilt University. I had picked one flower to make a quilt of but then I changed my mind. Now I will be using this photowith a few changes. I will add another flower and clean up the background. I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it was sure beautiful. I went to a green house and took photos of lots of flowers just for fun.

My mom's great grandma was making quilts in about 1890. My mom is lucky enough to have one of them. It is a feathered star pattern I have never seen before in red and blue on a background of white. The little triangles are only as big as my thumb. Some of the fabric is faded but over all the quilt is in great shape. It does have carded cotton as a batting, but there are no seeds in it.My mom just got back from vacation with a most fabulous discovery. She went to visit a cousin and an aunt she hadn't seen in 40 years. There on the aunt's table was this quilt.
My mom about fell over because this quilt is made from the same fabric that is in her quilt! Upon further discussion it was discovered that this quilt was also made by my mom's great grandma. My mom's grandma and this lady's grandma were sisters. They each received a quilt from their mother. The little triangles in this quilt are also thumb size, and the quilting is exactly the same, little interlocking circles. This quilt is also in great shape, it was found in the back of a linen closet after my mom's aunt's mother passed away.
What a great quilty story!


Mama Koch said...

The two quilts are georgous, and the story that goes with them.

Susan said...

What a cool, cool find! I can imagine how surprised she was! Both quilts are just beautiful.

Did any of the scrapbookers decide they want to try quilting? =)

Shelina said...

That is a great quilt story. And now through your blog, the two quilts have been reunited.

ForestJane said...

Love those two quilts. ;)

I'm finally making a quilt for my bed, and I'm trying very hard to use lots of scraps I'll remember from all my other quilts.