Sunday, July 27, 2008

My friend Ruth is having a birthday this week and I made her this bag.

This is the next kid quilt I am giving away.

I made all these scrappy blocks . And after I got the quilt laid out on the floor, it is too square for my liking. Maybe I will make some more blocks and add in a row. Maybe I will leave it like it is and give it away and not worry any more about it.

I am sewing with my friend Harriett tomorrow and I will be making more of these blocks. I was playing with EQ6 and came up with these layouts. I will have to decide which I like best.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quilt Inspiration

These are great new fabric lines! Can't remember the names of them, the pink, blue, purple and cream one is a Christmas line. Very Cute!

Drool over this! Orange with polka dots! I will have to get some of this!

And a shop window to linger over. Does it get any better than this?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I made a few extra (seven) blocks when making this quilt, not having thought out how big I really wanted the finished wall hanging. So I used the finished blocks, added a hand drawn butterfly block and made a baby quilt.

When making these string blocks I pieced squares and then used a template to trim the corners in order to have string pieced triangles. I used these triangles to form the anvil points.

The hst's were from a swap, cream and scrappy. I love love love this quilt. I had quite a few hst's left over.

I made a bunch of four patches for this pattern but then decided I didn't like it, that the pattern was too hard to decipher. So I had a lot of four patches three light and one dark, and three dark and one light. So when I saw this pattern I thought of those unused pieces and viola!

***When cutting these triangles from 5" squares I got funny long triangles pieces. So I put the light and dark pieces together and made these star points. Nice little quilt, already finished and given away. And the 1000 Pyramids? Still being hand quilted. Almost finished though.

pointy stars

eileens four patch
A friend Eileen sent me these four patches all in different colors. I put like colors together and added some sashing to make large blocks of the same color families. This is such a cheerful quilt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have been busy sewing since we got home. I finished all these little tops. Most were somewhat started but then left in pieces. The bars one on top I am going to make bigger. I just started sewing strips from the drawer together. I will make it to be about 50x70, my favorite size, it is now only 36x48. The really pastel one is held by Aerin. The blocks were 9 patches from a pastel swap. I cut them into fourths and resewed them. This will make a nice little girl baby quilt. The scrappy anvil was made from leftover scrappy pieces from another quilt. It is 45x54. The 30's quilt is leftover blocks from a little quilt I made my mom. It is also 45x54. I added giant pink rickrack as a semiborder.