Saturday, July 19, 2008


I made a few extra (seven) blocks when making this quilt, not having thought out how big I really wanted the finished wall hanging. So I used the finished blocks, added a hand drawn butterfly block and made a baby quilt.

When making these string blocks I pieced squares and then used a template to trim the corners in order to have string pieced triangles. I used these triangles to form the anvil points.

The hst's were from a swap, cream and scrappy. I love love love this quilt. I had quite a few hst's left over.

I made a bunch of four patches for this pattern but then decided I didn't like it, that the pattern was too hard to decipher. So I had a lot of four patches three light and one dark, and three dark and one light. So when I saw this pattern I thought of those unused pieces and viola!

***When cutting these triangles from 5" squares I got funny long triangles pieces. So I put the light and dark pieces together and made these star points. Nice little quilt, already finished and given away. And the 1000 Pyramids? Still being hand quilted. Almost finished though.

pointy stars

eileens four patch
A friend Eileen sent me these four patches all in different colors. I put like colors together and added some sashing to make large blocks of the same color families. This is such a cheerful quilt.


Kathie said...

great quilts!
Love that you made the star points from the left over pyramid cut offs!
I have been cutting baby tumblers out of those pieces but now may just have to save them for star points, great idea!
Love the 30's quilt with the flowers, really cute.
very cute baby quilt and the ric rac is just adorable on it

Vicki W said...

Rebecca, These are awesome - you almost have the content for a whole book there! I think you should consider publishing a book on leftovers.

Carolyn said...

You've done a great job with your leftovers, thanks for the inspiration!

dot said...

I like all these quilts. They are just wonderful. You have been very very busy.

Silverthimble said...

What a great scrappy quilt Quilt Show! I love them all!

floribunda said...

very creative ideas! thanks

Susan said...

I love the way one thing leads to another in your quilts. That last quilt is a wonderful color study! You're right, very cheerful.

Mary said...

Great quilts - I like the way you use the leftovers in a second quilt. I tend to make a 2nd quilt using leftovers from the first or the same group of fabrics while I have them out.