Monday, August 25, 2008

I decided to make a slide show of my quilts. I gathered all the photos I could together of all the projects I have made and here it is. There are about 150 slides, just to warn ya.

This is a wall hanging I made for my mom, and that brown border fabric was just horrid! I threw all I had left away after finishing this.

This is a drag around quilt for my daughter. The horse fabric piece was much bigger when I bought it, but it was cut so crooked, I only got to use about half of it.

This table runner is my Grandma's. Her birthday is the 1st of July so she has celebrated with red white and blue her whole life. I gave this to her in 2004 maybe.


Myra said...

Lovely slide show of quilts! I see some of the patterns that I have waiting on the back-burner for me to get to one day!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Shasta said...

These are great. What a good way to remember what you've made.