Monday, August 11, 2008

Flood Cleanup, SNOW and Quilting

Notice the water line?

We are home again after a week at my mom's house to escape the flooding. When we returned, there was still some water sitting around but it is mostly gone. There is a pump in the ditch across from my house, pumping the last of the water from my neighbor's yard. Everything is stinky and slicky muddy.

We are so fortunate not to have lost everything. But the box of photo albums was on the floor of the shed because it was too heavy to lift on to the shelf. And it got soaked. Bummer. Some of
the pictures are ruined but most just need to dry out I think. Any tips on how to do this? We also lost a bucket of shoes and boots. It would just be too much work to dry and clean them all. Some luggage was soaked and not worth the work to clean it.

And when we were traveling back to Nenana guess what I saw? SNOW on the mountains which we call termination dust.

I was reading thru the stash quilts ring and came across these questions from

1. Why do you quilt?

I love the feel of the fabric, the colors, the textures. I want to create something beautiful and useful. I love the sound of the machine.

2. How long have you been quilting?

Since 1994. I made a quilt for my dear hubby before I knew anything about quilting. I started seriously quilting in 2000.

3. What made you start quilting?

I already knew how to sew clothes, my mom taught me in junior high. I made my hubby a quilt for Christmas. But after my kids were born I really needed something to do that was just me. Not part of being a new mom, or a wife, just something for me. I really like the ladies I met at the quilt guild.

4. What sewing machine do you use mostly for piecing?

I started out with a Wal-Mart Brother and pieced many quilts on it. I bought a Janome 6500 in about 2004 and I love it.

5. What machine do you use mostly for quilting? My Janome.

6. If you could have any sewing machine you want -- money isn't an issue -- just get anything you want . . what would you get?

Definently a long arm. I would like to get a home machine with a stitch regulator.

7. When you buy a sewing machine, how long do you expect you'll keep it?

When I bought the Janome, I figured I would keep it until it wouldn't work anymore.

8. On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you love your stash? (10 means you LOVE it! 1 means you'd get rid of it all today if you could!)

I guess I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it seems like such a big pain, but I don't have much storage space so that is mostly the issue. I love having fabric to pull so that when I want to start a project, I can just go get it.

9. Why do you have the stash? How did it come about? Why is it the size that it is?

When I moved to Alaska in 2003, I had one box of fabric. Now I have about 12. I must have bought it at some point, but I can't remember.

10. When we talk about "stashbusting", what are your thoughts? Use every crumb of the stash? Use as much stash as you add? Shop the stash first but don't feel bad if you have to go buy additional fabric for a project? Don't mind buying for a project but not buying just for the purpose of having the fabric . . with no project in mind?

I have been lucky to find some fabric stores going out of business, and have taken advantage of their sales. I bought some fabric because I especially liked it , but also some just for the color. I quilt mostly scrappy so I don't care about color as much as value. There are not many projects I buy fabric for especially for. I am always on the lookout for fabric at yard sales, thrift stores and such. Some people give me fabric. I don't think I will ever use it up. But I love to have it.

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Vicki W said...

I'm glad to hear that you are back home and safe! My family was in a flood when I was 12 and it was a horrible experience. I really feel for you. I'm gld your home is OK. I don't have any advice for the photos but maybe a Google search will help you find something.