Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here is a piece of my tan and green double four patch. I started out with some lighter greens as part of the mix, but they lacked contrast. So I replaced them with some darker ones.

And this is my scrappy around the world thingy. I keep playing with layouts.

I take a lot of photos of flowers. My mom grows these lilies by her front door.

These daisies are just so cheery. I can't help but smile!


Lindsay Jean said...

Your greens are just lovely - they look just as spring-y and fresh as your flowers!

Shasta said...

Both of the quilts are really pretty, and things I want to make someday. The flowers are cheery and make me smile as well.

Myra said...

Just thought I's say "hi" from Winnipeg! Had myself a nice little visit through your blog. Lovely creations! Sorry to hear about the flood.