Thursday, October 09, 2008

I picked out backings for these quilts.  I just love the flames.  And I think I will quilt from the back to follow the flame shapes for a quilting design.

This is a solid turquoise.  What a weird photo.  I have some feather designs all drawn out on quilting paper.  This one should quilt up in a jiffy.

This red one is a small design, and I haven't decided the quilting design yet.  Maybe a big meader is in store.

This is my new piecing project.  A friend sent me a bunch of bright little squares.  I made a slew of nine patches.  I found some more of the fabric at Wal-Mart to make the block outlines, and this great butterfly print was in my stash!  They look like they were made to go together.  I have about twenty nine patches done, next will be to frame them.  I don't have a quilt size in mind yet though.  I will make it until it is time to stop I guess! :)

I went to a thrift store yesterday and what I saw there broke my heart.  A quilt.  And the label said "Made by Grandma with Love, 1995".  I should have bought it I guess, just to give it a good home.  That is my greatest fear, someday I will find a quilt that I made in a thrift store.  The quilt that I made special for someone, picked out with love, worked on for hours, filled with good wishes, simply tossed away to a thrift store.  Now I don't know the story of that quilt, maybe Grandma ended up in jail or something and whoever owned it didn't want the memories.  But still, how sad.


Anonymous said...

My eyes were starting to well up (with tears) and I felt sad about your trift store find, until, that is, I read your last line, which I'm still laughing about - great ending. I like the backing fabrics you have selected. The flame design quilting should look great. BTW, great quilts.

Shasta said...

You certainly have been busy with so many beautiful quilts. Love the flame fabric, and the TATW quilt in your last post.

Morah said...

What do you quilt on? Your DSM or a frame? Love the story.

Morah said...

What do you quilt on? Your DSM or a frame? Love the story.

Isabella said...

That brought a few tears I know my family dont know the value of a quilt in $s but I'd hate to think it would end up in a thrift shop. Then again I gave my D/D Emily Barns book on 15mins a day cleaning now if she doesn't use it out it goes, But please Lord not one of my quilts.