Monday, December 29, 2008

Now that Christmas is passed I can share some of the gifts I made.   
These two clocks are for my parents and grandma. 
I glued some unused blocks to 1 inch foam.  Then I covered the back with a piece of fabric to cover the raw edges.  I put a hole in the fabric and the foam and inserted the clockworks.  However, after having put these together I think it would be better to glue the blocks to cardboard first, and then put the cardboard on the foam.  The cardboard would keep the clock face flat.  As they are, the hands needed to be bent out a little in order to miss the fabric.  This was a good project and fun to do.

I made Aerin a new backpack.  She has a large music folder that won't fit in regular backpacks.  So I bought a pattern but added some size to make the backpack larger.  This is material that she picked out a long time ago, but I hadn't done anything with it yet.

Ethan liked this fabric with the flames so I made him a shirt.  I was surprised though because he is larger than I thought.  The shirt fits now, but by summer it will be too small.   He loves it.

I did finish and give away four quilts for Christmas. 

For Lawrence
For Arlene
For Lareina
For Shalonda

These are for kids in my town.  I wait until God lays on my heart who needs a quilt, and then either make them one or quilt a top I already have.  In 2008, I gave away eight quilts.  My hope and prayer is that when the kids need a hug, my quilt is there for them.  I pray for the kids as I make up and quilt their gift, and I know that God listens and will use my quilt for a good  purpose. 

For Lori
For Leon
For Bre
For Alisha


Vicki W said...

Well done! You sure did spread a lot of love this Christmas!

Leyla said...

I'm sure that your quilt give warm and hope in all kids that received it.
Greetings from Switzerland