Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This week was my birthday!  My dh baked me a cake that was healthy and delicious!
But he also took me out to eat at my choice of a restaurant.  We went to an all day breakfast place and I pigged out!  So that was my bad weekend stunt.

But I lost almost a pound!  Down .8

I have started walking again.  I walk at the school in the evenings with some friends, eight times around the school is a mile.  It is too cold and icy to walk outside now, but I do walk outside as soon as it is nice enough.  Walking two miles is a lot easier with friends to talk to.

I really like the  free diet/exercise website www.sparkpeople.com.  You should check it out!


Judy said...

Happy Birthday, I hope your year is filled with all things fabulous. Way to go on the weight loss. It is such a battle and you are winning!!!
I cannot believe how cold it is where you are. Oh My!!! How do you stand it? It gets close to 30 here and I start to whine. :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog--I understand the Goodwill thing, how horrid would that be to find something you worked so hard on, hanging with a price tag on it...it just broke my heart. I then had to give my kiddos the lecture.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, a little late. =) Your block reminds me a little of what we used to call the Handy Andy block. I'll have to look at it to see what the differences are. Lots of pieces, anyway!

Congratulations on the weight loss. You might check out Hungry Girl, too. Lots of wonderful recipes to substitute for the higher calorie things.