Friday, February 20, 2009

 Morning Star 2 over at Friday Block Party.  I love this block!  There is a way to make the corner units (the blue and white part) by using strips.  You sew a thinner strip to a wider strip and then cut units.  Then you sew the units together with the blue pieces on opposite ends and then cut diagonally thru the center.  Anyone know where I can find a link to this way of making the units?

I made this block one night.  The spikey units are paper pieced and then the arcs are added.  I think I will continue to make more arcs paper piecing them, but then add the curved pieces by hand.  Putting them in with the machine was really hard.

I gave away this quilt yesterday.  I was so happy to find who it belonged to.  You see, I made this quilt for someone three years ago, but I didn't know her then.  Here's the story.

The fabric on the back of this quilt has the name Chelsea written on it.  All over the design, in fact.  I don't know where I got the fabric or why it said Chelsea.  I knew when I put the back on that one day I would meet Chelsea and this would be her quilt.  

This quilt has been used a few times, but mostly it has been in the closet on the shelf.  I was cold a few nights ago and pulled this quilt out.  The next morning I was laying in bed enjoying looking at the quilt when I realized that I had met who the quilt belongs to.  I washed the quilt and got it ready to give away.

I wait for God to tell me who gets the next quilt.  There has been a family of kids on my mind but I don't know them, I have just met them in passing.  It would be weird for me to give them quilts as they don't live near me.  But the oldest girl just moved back to my town and we have talked a few times.  She is 14, and her name is Chelsea!

When I gave her the quilt, I told her it had her name written all over it!  I am so thrilled to have given the quilt away!  I knew when I made it I would give it away some day and that day arrived.  This is why I make quilts!


Quilt Pixie said...

I am so glad that Chelsea appeared to claim her quilt! who knows why she needed a quilt, but the fact that you listened and had one for her is wonderful...

I don't have a link/tutorial re the corner subunits on morning star 2, but I think the idea is to sew a retangle of white that's 2.5X3.5 onto a blue 2.5 inch square. Do this twice. sew these two units together so the blue squares are diagonally opposite. Then you whould be able to pay a matching piece of the mutlicolour ontop, and sew two diagonal seams lining the corners of the blue square on each of the sewing lines. then cut them apart and press.... Not gaurenteeing this'll work, but that's my thought :-)

marilyn said...

I bet she loved getting the quilt too. Thanks for sharing that story. I call those obedience quilts. When God tells me to make a quilt and give it away and I do just that.

Pat from FL and MI said...


What a beautiful story! You warm my heart.

Melzie said...

what a neat story :)
Have any melzie quilts lying around? ;) xoxo melzie