Monday, August 24, 2009

Diet Challenge 2009 Update

I have lost a total of 35.4 pounds since March of 2008. I lost 20 of those in 2008, so that means I've lost 15.4 pounds in 2009.

I have had an up and down summer, not losing much but at least the numbers are mostly going down. Two weeks ago I reached one of those "memorable" numbers, 222. In 2003, I had lost down to 200 pounds and then my husband got sick and was in the hospital. I started gaining the weight back, and in October was up to 222. I laid on the bed and just bawled. I was so unhappy. You would think I would have used that misery to inspire me to lose the weight then. But no, over the next five years I gained another 40 pounds. So 222 represents a time when I was totally miserable, and I happy to report, I am miserable once again.

Last week, I gained 1.2 pounds. However, it was an unusual week. Tuesday, I ate lunch at a meeting, then dinner was at a potlatch (like a potluck). Wednesday was dh's birthday celebrated with a cookout and cake. Thursday was a dinner meeting. Friday was lunch out with a friend and dinner at someone else's house. Saturday night was another potluck. Sunday was dd's birthday, celebrated with cake. How could I possible lose weight with a schedule like that?

This week, I will eat healthier than I could last week. I will continue to drink water, and I will get some good exercise in.


Karen said...

You've done a fabulous job on losing weight. Please don't beat yourself up for having a rough week, eatingwise that is. I've gained 10 pounds since the first of the year and keep losing the same five over and over again when I should be losing twenty more. Talk about frustrating.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I've been on WW for 2.5 years and this year have maintained. I still have a long way to go but it's nice to know that I can manage to keep a steady weight. I've lost plenty of inches though this year...which I'm very happy about. I'm glad to see you reached a milestone!