Monday, October 19, 2009

How is your "diet" coming along? Are you stuffing yourself on free Halloween candy? Are you just eating too much? Are you getting the exercise your body needs?

I did an official WI yesterday and was down 2.8! Finally less than 220! Yippeee! I added an extra workout to my schedule, a small 15 minutes in the morning right after the kids go to school. I was really diligent about not eating sweets this week and I have still not eaten any Halloween candy!

What are you going to do on Halloween night? A plan will help you stay on top of your eating. No plan will get you eating everything in sight.

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Jean C. said...

Hi Rebecca... Way to go on your WI. I was sick all weekend and so it certainly didn't hurt my WI. But we shall see how it goes...
Yes, that Halloween candy can call my name at the drop of a hat all right! I told myself that I need to give my self a limit and then as long as I either stay under it or only to it... I will be fine.
My DH wanted just the bite size chocolate bars this year... so if I do have any it's one or two of the bite size. I don't seem to eat them when I'm home alone.... (which is a change for me!) I found that on W.W. I looked at a breakdown of points for candy... non chocolate and I can have up too 7 pieces of a hard candy... I like Root Beer Barrels... that seems to satisfy my craving for sweets.
Take care... gotta go finish canning some late peaches! Getting ready to pick apples.