Sunday, November 01, 2009

So how did Halloween go? Did you eat enough candy to make you sick? Did you stick with your plan? Did you even have a plan?

There are about eight weeks to Christmas and this is the season for Holiday Parties and usually weight gain. Now that one holiday is over, make a new plan for the next one. Let's see, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. One down, three to go.

So for November, are you going to say, "what the heck, the holidays are upon us!" And eat, eat, eat? Or are you going to say "Thanksgiving is just one day, and I will eat whatever I like on that day"? Or are you going to have one piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream after a sensible portion of turkey and stuffing and give thanks for all your blessings. You decide. Don't forget to plan something to do with all the leftovers. Maybe go so far as to not have any!

So, October stats for me. I did great with my goal to eat no Halloween candy. Not one piece. I went to a party and had a sandwich and one oatmeal raisin cookie. I really wanted some candy today though, but I passed. I took the left over candy and donated it to the senior center, better them eat it than me. So, there is no candy in my house now.

Weight 9/27 220.4
Weight 11/1 220

Loss for October .4

However, my weight was not steady for October. I had three weeks of gain, 1 lb, 1 lb, and 3.6 pounds. And two weeks of loss 2.8 pounds and 3.2 pounds. So in October I gained 5.6 pounds and lost 6 pounds.

I just really don't understand. I eat well, exercise, drink water, and gain. I eat well, exercise and drink water and I lose.

I can't control the number on the scale. But I can control what and how much I eat, when and how much I exercise, and how much water I drink.


Jean C. said...

Rebecca, from the sounds of it all... your attitude is terrific! You did wayyyy better than I did with the candy... it's one of my weakness's. I'm trying to do better and fill myself with things like apples when I start to get hungry. I need to up my exercise time too. Maybe that is something you can do... may I ask what type of exercise do you do? You may need to change the type. Hang in there! Your still doing good... because over all you lost more than you gained!
Take care.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

You know the scale is a fickle, fickle thing. I love that even though the scale has been all over the place that you really do have a great outlook on your choices.

I always felt as though if I were doing what I knew I should be doing, then things would eventually fall into place. Sometimes it was hard though. I'm glad you are positive!!

Mary said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I need to try and lose a few lbs before winter sets in and I need to wear my long johns under my jeans.

I'm sure it can be frustrating to watch the scale go up and down when you're doing all the right things but focusing on doing what's good and healthy for your body regardless of what the scale says is important.