Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The loss of our baby really threw a kink into our lives. It is very difficult to get back to normal after that. I am doing fine physically and trying to conceive again. Yesterday I cried when telling my husband how cute the ladies look around here with the pregnant bellies, they are due the same time I would have been. I am jealous and sad. But getting on with life.

A friend of my mom's asked for a purse for her friend's birthday, so I made this one. She asked for maroon and lime green to be in it. Of course, the picture does not do it justice, the purse was beautiful and the ladies were very pleased with it.

In honor of spring, I got a new hairdo and a new color. It said on the box it was mahogany but it turned out a little red almost a dark purple. I LOVE IT! I feel so light and springy!

And we have started a new project this summer. Chickens! We tried to hatch some eggs but that was not successful. So we went out and bought 20 chicks. They are all quietly napping right now but they can put up a racket! We got a chicken coop from some friends who wanted to get rid of it (yea for us!) and are just waiting for the chicks to get big enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors!