Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you look right in the v of the tree you will see a robin's nest! I will watch and eagerly wait for babies! This tree is right off our porch, and the nest is about six feet from the railing. What a great place!

My favorite recent photo of my daughter Aerin and me.

The chicks are in an upside down rabbit hutch that is big enough for the kids to get in and play with them. They are so fun to watch! Some chicks really like to get petted and some stay away. But they all like to get fed!

They are getting so big! The feathers are so pretty.

I got a NEW bike! I just love it. My dh calls it a granny bike but I don't care. It is super cool in my opinion! It is so comfortable to ride, I feel like I could ride it all day. And it handles trails thru the woods just fine.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I signed up to go to the Valdez Quilt Festival! I went once before and had a great time. This year I was going to have to miss it because the baby was due the exact weekend of the festival. However, losing the baby has freed up the weekend and instead of sitting home sad, I will go and have a good time with my quilty friends.

I signed up to take four classes, one each day, and a mystery class one evening.

My Whimsical Quilt Garden by Becky Goldsmith.

Machine Quilting by Sheilah Crum

Fat Quarter Cut-ups by Brenda Henning

A Stone's Throw by Brenda Clyde

Also, Ami Simms will be there. Have you ever read her book How Not to Make A Prize Winning Quilt ? It is really hilarious and worth the read. I read it as a new quilter and I wanted to be just like her! I am not taking any of her classes but I will definently meet her, she sounds like she has a great sense of humor.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I went to the kindergarten class and taught a lesson about quilts. This is now a yearly thing. I am thinking of getting my hand piecing out for the summer, I can do that while sitting in the sun on the porch!