Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you look right in the v of the tree you will see a robin's nest! I will watch and eagerly wait for babies! This tree is right off our porch, and the nest is about six feet from the railing. What a great place!

My favorite recent photo of my daughter Aerin and me.

The chicks are in an upside down rabbit hutch that is big enough for the kids to get in and play with them. They are so fun to watch! Some chicks really like to get petted and some stay away. But they all like to get fed!

They are getting so big! The feathers are so pretty.

I got a NEW bike! I just love it. My dh calls it a granny bike but I don't care. It is super cool in my opinion! It is so comfortable to ride, I feel like I could ride it all day. And it handles trails thru the woods just fine.

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