Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have been raspberry picking these last few days!  They are so large and juicy, I can’t help but eat them by the handful as I am picking.
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I made some raspberry jam and also some rhubarb pie filling.  And canned them!  It was a first for me!
I have helped with Project Overhaul, a local effort to clean up our town.  As you can see from the photo, all ages help out with it.
One night there was a fabulous rainbow and I went chasing after it with my son.  When we found a good place for photos, we realized there were two rainbows.  The sun was shining thru the rainbow and it was so bright.  There was one more than one set of colors on the big rainbow.
I am convinced that it is hard to take a bad photo of scenery in Alaska.  Everything is so beautiful, even a bad photo looks good.  Not that this is a bad photo! :)
Sometimes I just like to take photos of things that are interesting.  This was a stair railing.
Want to go on a walk with me?
This is my new chicken playground.  I take about half the chickens out of the pen and put them under the truck topper.  They are protected from everything, and have a large space to dig in the dirt (and take a bath) and peck at the ground.  Then I can move the topper and do it again the next day.  What fun I am having with my chickens!