Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guess what?!

I am expecting again! I am currently 13 weeks along, just entering the second trimester. We are soooo excited, there are not enough words.  And in comparing this photo to other gender confirmed ultrasound photos, I am pretty sure we are having a girl!  But that won't be confirmed for us for another two months or so.  The names we have picked out are Emily Anne and William Earnest. We are still sad over the loss of our baby Joy in March, and this pregnancy is finally past when we miscarried then.

I have been working on a new hobby. Card making! And yes, I have sent all these cards off already.


I really have fun with this.  It is a lot like quilting, just with paper.  Does anyone know of a website that sells kits?  There is a magazine I have found a few times I really like, "You Can Craft" that comes with everything to make what is in the magazine.  I am looking for something like that.

 And just for fun, some photos of our travels in October.  We started out in Anaheim, Disneyland of course.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I’m Back

Let's see the last post was in August.

I worked a lot in September, we traveled in October, and the kids got chicken pox in November!

My chickens are doing well, laying about 15 eggs a day. I enjoy them so much!

This is a test post.