Mama's Apron

Diagonals Flimsy

Aerin's Backpack

Flame Shirt

Wall Clocks

Shalonda's Butterflies Quilt

Flames for Lawrence Quilt

Arlene's Quilt

Lareina's Quilt

1000 Pyramids Quilt

Scrappy Bars Flimsy

Ruth's Bag

Stars and Bars for Leon Quilt

Green Squares Flimsy

Lori's Log Cabins Quilt

Bill and Janet's Quilt

30's Garden Flimsy

Pink Floral flimsy

Scrappy Anvil flimsy

Disappearing 9 patch flimsy

small lily wall hanging

Coffee Quilt

Lunch bags

Double Four Patch

Brown Gracie Handbag

Lilies flimsy

Striped Gracie Handbag

Dish Towels
Lyndy's Bag (no photo)